It Takes An Equestrian Village To Make The Santa Fe Summer Series Memorable

It takes much more than just a facility, arenas, tents and stables to make a horse show great—you also need wonderful sponsors, competitors, trainers, vendors and spectators to make the Summer Series truly special.

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¡Viva Santa Fe! The Party’s Still Going!

We may be jumping through the Summer Series but that doesn’t mean the fun here has an expiration date! HIPICO Santa Fe hosts events year-round—there's much more in store as Grand Prix de Santa Fe Week gets underway. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about another amazing week of horse showing behind us.

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Hipico Brings The Party!

So far, the Santa Fe Fiesta Week is off to a festive start, with much on the calendar to look forward, even as we near the final week of the Santa Fe Summer Series. The week started with the Sale Horse Exhibition and Competitor Welcome Party held Wednesday evening; everyone was left satisfied by a taste of Santa Fe - spicy, crunchy, ever popular Frito Pie - sponsored by Queenie Productions but their interest in horses was whetted by the rounds in the arena.

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Postcards From HIPICO Santa Fe: As Featured in Jumper Nation

The Santa Fe Summer Series hosted by HIPICO Santa Fe is in full swing and competitors are loving the vibrant atmosphere! From a fun selection of classes to wiener dog races and tons of in-between class entertainment, the staff at HIPICO Santa Fe have gone all out to make the 2018 season a one to remember.

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