With top competition, cool summer days, and unlimited entertainment and cultural options both on the show grounds and in Santa Fe, you’ll want to add the Santa Fe Summer Series to your circuit calendar year after year.

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HIPICO Santa Fe is excited to welcome back Split Rock Jumping Tour for the Santa Fe International CSI2* following Grand Prix de Santa Fe Week, August 12-16, 2020.


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HIPICO Santa Fe is pleased to announce our partnership with award-winning horse show manager, John McQueen and Queenie Productions for the 2018 Santa Fe Summer Series. Mr. McQueen has successfully managed numerous horse shows throughout the U.S., including Gallop Around Louisiana Show Series in Folsom, LA; the West Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association Shows in Germantown, TN; Gallop in the Glen in Knoxville, TN; GO Shows in Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa Rendezvous Horse Shows in Tulsa, OK; and The International in Omaha, NE, home of the 2017 World Cup Finals.

HIPICO Santa Fe and Queenie productions will expand upon our commitment to provide our treasured Trainers and Competitors with top course designers, judges, stewards, great prize money and expanded circuit awards. We can’t wait to welcome you to Santa Fe for a top-shelf Competitor Experience, from the hospitality, to the office, to the back gate!


.85m Non-Pro Jumper

Champion: Nathan Crutchfield & Blue Biscuit

Reserve: Christine Kendrick & Arequito

“This award is important to me because it was my first horse show with this particular horse. I had just gotten him at Parker a few weeks before, so this was us getting to know each other. It went really well and Arequito is a lot of fun. He has a lot of energy and was eager.” —Christine Kendrick, NM

1.0m Jumper

Champion: Madelaine Martinez & Amadour

“I’ve had Amadour for 13 years. He was my first horse and still the only horse I’ve ever owned. I got him when I was 16 in high school and I had no idea what I was doing! I’ve had him ever since. The last few years I’ve leased him to some people and he has done some awesome things for junior and amateur riders. Mostly he’s just my buddy and will always be my favorite horse.”  —Madelaine Martinez, NM
Reserve: Ashley Stannard & Stakkato Exclusive

1.10m Jumper

Champion: Harriet Bunker & Geronimo
Reserve: Stephanie Gershon & Patti

“Winning this award is fantastic! It was so cool to do the 1.10m Jumpers on the grass. My horses were young jumpers and we had a great time. Geronimo is owned by Crooked Willow Farms and I’ve ridden him a couple months. I started riding him for Jamie [Jensen] this summer. The Summer Series was the best horse show we went to this summer!” —Harriet Bunker, CO

1.15m Jumper

Champion: Colleen Acosta & Asirea Fortuna

Reserve: Darby Pease & Cumbaya W

“Cumbaya jumped a clean round almost every single day at the horse show. He was amazing and I’m very proud of him. He has such a big heart and wants to try hard for his rider. This award is a big deal for me. I’ve not won anything big like this since turning professional.”—Darby Pease, FL

1.20m Jumper

Champion: Jenni McAllister & Sydney’s Best

“Kylie and I both worked hard on Sydney. Her first show was two years ago at HIPICO, after being imported from Europe at age 6. We did the .65m Jumpers and started her career right there. She’s 8-years old now. We’re excited to give the horse experience and the mare is really competitive and fun.” —Jenni McAllister, CA

Reserve: Sarah Williams & Converse Point

1.25m Jumper

Champion: Sarah Invicta Williams Echols & Foxxy

“This championship is really exciting due to the fact that I lost my Grand Prix horse a couple of months ago and to have the opportunity to ride another great horse is very exciting. Winning is always the cherry on top for the love we have for these animals. Foxxy is a very special mare and a complete competitor. When you hack her around she looks like a lesson pony with her head up in the air and a loopy rein. And when you start jumping her, she’s all business in the ring. She’s a really really great mare who I got from Andy Kocher about two months ago.”
—Sarah Invicta Williams Echols, NM

Reserve: Katherine Huffstutler & Quicksilver

1.30m Jumper

Co-Champions: Sarah Invicta Williams Echols & Converse Point
Colleen Acosta & Crack De Muze

Reserve: Sarah Invicta Wiliams Echols & Foxxy

Low Children’s/Adult Jumpers

Champion: Tara-Leigh Davis & Quinella

“It was a great show. Quinella really enjoyed it. I’ve had her for about a year and a half now. She is just a blast! She’s a little sassy but she’s so much fun and she’s certainly a wonderful partner. It was great competition, the courses were great, the jumps were fun, it was wonderful to ride on grass, and overall we had a really great horse show!”—Tara-Leigh Davis, TX

Reserve: Laurel Walker & No Sky Too High

“It feels amazing to win this! I love my little Onion so much. He worked so hard. I feel like we’re working as a team a lot more now. It’s not just him saving me, we’re working together to win. I’ve been working hard with my trainer to improve my eye. Onion can turn tight and moves his legs fast. When I can do my job, he can do his job. I think that’s what brought us to win!” —Laurel Walker, TX

Low JR/AO Jumpers

Champion: Elliana Araujo & Lolita

“This was only my second show at this height and my goal was to win one class. I never even imagined that I would win enough to win the entire circuit. It makes it all that much sweeter to win at such an amazing venue with such an amazing horse. Lolita is my best friend and she tries her heart out for me. Everything you’ve ever heard about chestnut mares is true, but what they don’t tell you is that they’ll also bring you things like this.” —Elliana Araujo, CO

Reserve: Katherine Huffstutler & Quicksilver

“I’m so excited that I won this award, because I haven’t had Quicksilver (aka Gerald) that long, but it was so much fun competing in Santa Fe with him! He loves the jumper rings on the grass fields and has fun doing his job out there. The HIPICO Santa Fe circuit is definitely both of ours favorite show of the year! I can’t wait to be back next year!” —Katherine Huffstutler, TX

Medium JR/AO Jumpers

Champion: Sydney B. Carr & Dalton

“We get along really well. It’s been slow to grow, but he’s picked up the pace and stepped up to what we’ve been asking of him. This is the first time I’ve won a circuit championship on him – Dalton is the best!” —Sydney B. Carr, TX

Reserve: Jaelynn Downing & Vigo Du Levant

“I just got Vigo at the end of May and this was my first show on him. To end as Reserve Circuit Champion is super cool! And we just kept getting better and better and better [the whole circuit.] Vigo is a 9-year old Selle Francais. He is honestly one of the sweetest horses ever when you’re on the ground. When you get on he’s all business – ready to go jump and do his job!” —Jaelynn Downing, TX

High Children’s Adult Jumpers

Champion: Delaney Torti & I-Mai Tai OHF

“It’s my first time getting a champion in a jumper division! It’s one of my first couple shows with Maui and I’m just leasing her. We’re pretty new together. It was one of my first times doing the jumpers, but I’ve been doing the hunters for years. The horse is amazing, awesome and always wants to win. I love riding on the grass because I always did the hunters before and never had the opportunity. The whole division was on the grass and a lot of fun in the Grand Prix Field.”
—Delaney Torti, TX

Reserve: Rylee Shufelt & Coco Collette

Adult Amateur Hunter

Champion: Dana Brawley & Cocomo

Reserve: Eileen Fontaine & Santana

“Santana is a new horse and 7 years old. It’s around my fifth show on him. He’s a young horse with a good brain and really tries to participate and help out when I don’t quite ride as well as I maybe should! He is a good one, a sweetie, and so far he’s just done everything we’ve expected of him and more!” —Eileen Fontaine, SC

Amateur Owner Hunter

Champion: Linda Law & Suntrust

Reserve: Caitlin Burns & Fila

“For sure the highlight was doing the hunters on the grass! That was where my horse was the best and excelled. The course was beautiful and my horses were really good. Fila is a 9-year old that I’ve had for a little over a year, he’s a superstar!” —Caitlin Burns, TX

Baby Green Hunter

Champion: Alexandria Marchi & La Coupe D’OR

Reserve: Amy Gangstad & Coolio 28

“Coolio just got imported from Germany in January and had been doing the jumpers. He’s just now figuring out the hunters and he seems to be doing very well! He’s a very lazy pony, but very athletic. We’re looking forward to doing the large Greens in December with his owner. He’s actually a pony at 14’1” and has a great way of going with a fantastic jump!” —Amy Gangstad, TX

Child/Adult Equitation

Champion: Rory Caskey & In The Moment

Reserve: Laura Jones & Gasolina

“It’s a shame there aren’t more adults interested in the equitation. I really enjoyed it and hope that it will eventually draw more and more adults! I will do it again! This was my first equitation class with Gasolina. I felt like she’s rhythmical and lends herself to be a nie equitation horse. I’ve had a little experience in the hunters before, so I thought this would be a nice equitation horse, so I started focusing my training on the equitation and it panned out!” —Laura Jones, TX

Child/Adult Hunter

Champion: Sharon Schneck & Master Fritz
Reserve Co-Champions: Flavia Prestes & Ipanema
Jo Jo White & Top Cat

Children’s Hunter

Champion: Annie Veenstra & WT Levioso

“The Childrens Hunters has always been something I’ve wanted to do! Hopefully I’ll do the Junior Hunters next year. WT Levioso has been so great, he’s the perfect Children’s Hunter horse. He’s so great and literally my pony, but a little bigger. HIPICO has been an amazing experience and I’m so glad I went. And thank you to the Williams family for letting me lease such an amazing horse!”
—Annie Veenstra, NM

Reserve: Mia Kertson & Bart Xequoia

Green Hunter

Champion: Jessica Harries & Shakira

“I took the ride on Shakira at the beginning of this year. My mom bought her for the AO’s and she was successful. Shakira is in the top 15 in the country this year in the 3’9” Greens.” —Jessica Harries, TX

Reserve:  Sarah Rice & Who Dat

Junior Equitation

Champion: Zoe Schiefer & Czech Please

“I want to ride collegiately, so wins in the equitation mean a lot to me. Elliot is an 8-year old imported Czech Warmblood and he’s still kind of green. He’s a really good horse. He’s very lazy and has his moments where he freaks out and spooks at stuff. In Texas we don’t have a Junior Equitation division, so I thought it was fun to do multiple courses and end up getting champion or reserve. The third week of the show, the courses were really fun with all the turns and stuff in the hunter ring. I really enjoy doing equitation turns!” —Zoe Schiefer, TX

Reserve: Zoë Rucks & Paradiso

Junior Hunter

Champion: Audrey Jezek & Berlin

“Berlin is the most difficult horse I’ve ever been on. It has taken me a year to figure out and still surprises me everyday. He is the horse who has taught me the most for sure and he is quite the challenge. We went to HIPICO for two weeks. We were consistent. Everything as out of the same rhythm and all the jumps were the same. He usually doesn’t place well in the hack, but he was feeling feeling great at HIPICO and we ended up winning flat classes! I loved the opportunity to show on the grass fields, it’s very unique and incredible.” —Audrey Jezek, TX

Reserve: Cece Siegfried & Kaletta-T

Modified Child/Adult Equitation
Champion: Alexandria Marchi & La Coupe D’OR

Reserve: Tori Brunvand & Don Felipe

“It was for sure a long road [to garnering this award]. My goal was to have fun and get a show under our belt, I wasn’t expecting to do this well. We’ve had Don Felipe for two and a half years now. He’s a 16-year old Hanoverian and is super self conscious. You have to be assertive and hold his hand over everything. But he is such an amazing horse and once he feels safe and that he can do it, he can jump the moon for anyone. He’s a lot of fun and has been for sure the best horse I’ve had so far!” —Tori Brunvand, CO

Modified Child/Adult Hunter

Champion: Amy Coretz & Pinnacle

“Pinnacle is a 10-year old Hanoverian. I got him a year and a half ago when I was in Katy, Texas. All of a sudden, my sister wa like ‘come get on this horse really quick.’ I got on and I was in a rush to get to the airport. He was perfect, so I went back to school and my sister called and told me I had a new horse! It was a spur of the moment thing, but he’s one of the most reliable and easiest horses. He comes out the same every day at every show. It comes down to whether I can give him the ride he deserves. He has improved at every show and I had a blast at HIPICO!”
—Amy Coretz, OK

Reserve: Ella Karekar & Castle Watch

“I got Castle Watch three months ago. He’s really new to me and it was my second show with him. He is a Hanoverian imported from Germany. He’s an ‘in your pocket’ kind of horse. I haven’t figured him out completely yet. He’s very nosy. I was very pleased [with this award], because it is my first year at HIPICO. My favorite part about the show was competing in the flat classes. Castle Watch is a good mover and I get to win those classes now! It means a lot, because this is the first horse I’ve ever had that helped me win those classes. Before this I had a pony and even though I worked really hard on her, I never got those full lead changes. I never had a good chance to compete with the other ponies that were big time! I am 12-years old and this is technically my first horse!” —Ella Karekar, TX

Performance Working Hunter 3’3”

Champion: Sarah Rice & Nickle

Reserve: Frankie Owens & DSH Absolut

“On him I was very happy! He’s a horse we’ve had for a couple years. He was doing the 7-year old young jumpers and Santa Fe was the first time he’s done the hunters. We put him in to see how he was and he did very well! We’re thrilled with how he went and transitioned from the jumpers to the hunter ring. He’s a Zangersheide gelding owned by Diana Strumberg. I think he wants to stay in the hunters and likes his new job a lot!” —Frankie Owens, TX

Performance Working Hunter 3’6”

Champion: Sarah Invicta Williams Echols & Durgin Park

“Durgin Park has been in our barn for at least seven years now. He’s just the bee’s knees! He’s a lovely hunter and has been great for all of these years and for his new owner also!” —Sarah Invicta Williams Echols, NM

Reserve: Julie Cleveland Beam & VDL Opportunity Knox

“The grass was a lot of fun to ride on. I thought my horses went really well there. [VDL Opportunity Knox] is a really good horse and always up to do a good job. He’s all heart and a super horse to ride.” —Julie Cleveland Beam, TX

Short/Long Stirrup Equitation

Champion: Aurelia Tropia & Valentino

“My summer was really great. I had lots of fun in Santa Fe. Valentino was a very good boy.  I’ve owned him for about six months. We bought him from Peter Pletcher. He’s been the perfect fit for me, he’s so nice and helps out a lot for jumping. Sometimes if I can’t see the spots I just throw my reins up the neck and he’ll still jump. I tried really hard and it’s kind of like all the stars aligned [at HIPICO Santa Fe]. It’s really teamwork and not just all up to you. You also get a friend when you’re on horseback.” —Aurelia Tropia, TX

Reserve: Emma Evans & Confucious

“It’s crazy and unheard of to win this award. I didn’t think I was gonna place at all. I  just went for the experience. I’m in shock a little! It bumps my confidence, because it means I have a right to be at a show barn and that I deserve to be there. It was my second show ever, so it was really cool to come out to Santa Fe to do that.”
—Emma Evans, UT

Short/Long Stirrup Hunter
Champion: Madeline Hicks & In Style

“I’m surprised honestly – that was actually my first horse show! It’s pretty crazy, I’m very excited! I definitely want to keep doing it. I’m 12-years old and have been riding english for about four years now. All of the training I’ve been doing is working toward going to shows. My friend from Pony Club moved and I’m leasing her pony that she couldn’t take to Germany. I’ve been working with her for a year. Maisy is a really hard worker. She loves to please people and is spunky! My instructor Susan Bierworth shows at HIPICO and told me about this show and I decided that I’d like to go!” —Madeline Hicks, NM

Reserve:  Bates Kurkulis & Starbuck


All hail the new hunter BOSS! Congratulations to Frankie Owens for capturing the inaugural “El Jefe” title of the Santa Fe Summer Series.

The “El Jefe” Professional Hunter Rider is awarded to the top professional rider who competed at the Santa Fe Summer Series for total points accrued in the Performance Hunter and Green Hunter divisions. To win, the professional must have shown at least three of the four weeks of the Summer Series to win a $2,500 bonus.

Frankie Owens had a spectacular circuit at HIPICO Santa Fe, producing impressive rides to come out on top in this hunter challenge with Diana Stumberg’s Carrida. A custom leather jacket from Mavericks of Santa Fe is on its way to the professional and head trainer of Oakwell Farms, out of San Antonio, Texas. Although thrilled to be winning a stylish jacket, embroidered with a signature logo, Owens joked, “The weather is in the triple digits, so I’m not thinking about a jacket right now!”

Diana Stumberg shows Carrida in the Amateur Owners and brought the Hanoverian mare to Oakwell Farms about four years ago as a pre-green horse. “[Carrida] is all-in-all a very sweet horse. Easy-going and a good horse to be around. Her consistency paid off towards the bonus. What a nice surprise in the end to win the title! I think it’s pretty neat that HIPICO Santa Fe offers a circuit award like that and gives a good incentive to stay there longer.” said Owens, who competed at the first three weeks of the Summer Series. Owens has made the thirteen hour drive from San Antonio to Santa Fe for the last two years, finding success in both the hunter and jumper arenas.

HIPICO Santa Fe is proud to wish a hearty congratulations to the first “El Jefe” winner ever! A special thank you to Mavericks of Santa Fe for providing the jacket to dub Frank Owens “The Boss!”