When visiting a great place like Santa Fe finding top-level businesses to do business with is far easier when they come highly recommended. HIPICO Santa Fe, the top horse show in the Southwest, works with 40 plus local Santa Fe business each season. The businesses we work with include banks, restaurants, hotels and several other types of service providers. Those businesses are our preferred providers and are many times are also sponsors of the equestrian events we offer at HIPICO Santa Fe.

When seeking horse arena footing solutions in Santa Fe, NM, please give GGT Footing a call. Visit the link here to their website to learn more about them.

GGT Footing is the premier provider of arena footing products. Combined with the professional expertise of its partnered arena builders, the company can help you build a top quality riding arena for your equestrian facility. HIPICO Santa Fe is extremely proud to let everyone know it uses GGT Footing arena footing products in its riding arenas.

Soundness and performance are the main focus on most discussions of riding surfaces. Ever since people started using riding arenas when working with their horses, they were experimenting with the large variety of materials for the use of footing. Today`s findings from scientific research on equestrian footings can be combined with specialists` practical experiences to produce a sound and good surface. Still, advice on the construction of riding arena surfaces has been based on experience and personal opinion. Experience and know-how is important to create a good riding surface, maintenance and moisture content is key to performance of any riding ring. Due to these variables there is no single recipe for a perfect riding arena. With the experience the company has gained in over 20 years of supporting the equine community, it has found that the products it offers are the best solution – economically and environmentally – to help arena’s prevent lameness of horses and minimize veterinary bills. The company offers tailored arena footing products and professional expertise of its partnered arena builders will help you thru your arena construction process. GGT-Footingtm is a complimentary addition to riding arenas and enhances the integrity of your footing when mixed with sand.


The company, the maker of GGT-Footingtm understands that equestrian arena surfaces are a major investment for stable owners, riding clubs and private horse owners.

The Company’s Mission is to offer protection of the Equine Athletes that give so much to their riders and owners.


  • Reduces dust
  • High water storage capability
  • Optimal impact resistance
  • Higher slide strength and additional stability
  • Prevents packing
  • Offers perfectly adapted spring for energy rebound
  • Supports your horse’s joints and ligaments.
  • Facilitates a strong jump and a secure landing
  • Improves the shear strength of the surface

GGT footing uses the highest quality nonwoven geotextile available as well as the highest quality polyester fiber, with a high tensile strength and UV rating. This assures that your arena footing will last longer and not break down.