Enjoy schooling on the all-weather footing arenas on a schedule that meets your needs. Schooling opportunities are available to individuals, small groups (up to 5 at a time in an arena; see below for guidelines or you can view and download them HERE) as well as to trainers wishing to bring clients for a unique schooling experience. 


All-weather Footing Arena: $60/60 minutes base fee $30/each additional 30 min Facility Fee: $20 per horse/day

Sign up using the online form below for the date(s) and times you are interested in reserving and we will respond within 2 business days to review and confirm your request.

HIPICO Santa Fe Training Schedule

Not Available
Arena rental terms and COVID-19 Safe Practice protocol for training days: Arena rental possibilities:
  1. Each arena (with designated warm-up) may be rented for use at a set time on a given day. Requests for time slots will be accepted using the online form below.
  2. Arena rentals begin at $60 for 60-minutes, with the option to reserve additional 30-minute increments at $30/half-hour, up to a full day (8 hours).
  3. In addition to the arena rental fee, each horse utilizing the arena during a reserved training slot will be charged a trailer-in fee. Stalls and paddocks are available upon request. See below for pricing.
  4. No more than 5 humans, mounted or unmounted, may be present inside the reserved warm up and/or arena at any time.
  5. Minor participants may be accompanied by a parent/guardian who may observe from a designated area outside the arena.
  1. Each group or individual training reservation will be assigned a designated parking area for tacking, etc. Only those individuals participating in the arena training may be on site. If a group exceeding 5 people rents an arena, the group must stagger their arrival times so that only 5 individuals are present in the arena/warm up or designated parking area at a time.
  2. Riders may arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled schooling time and must depart the facility within 30 minutes after their session ends.
  3. Individuals/groups are expected to remain in their designated parking/tacking area when not in the arena.
Grass Field: Grass footing is considered by many to be the best footing for horse sport. As it is natural, grass conditions vary depending on moisture, grass length, time of year, usage and other natural conditions. Listed below are a few tips for safe riding on the grass to help you have the best possible experience. • Consult with your farrier to ensure proper shoeing for riding and jumping  on grass. • We suggest that you inspect the grass on the day of your ride to determine the condition. • Ride conservatively for your first round on grass, to become accustomed to these different conditions. • Slow down your turns: Your horse needs to be balanced when executing quick turns,accelerating and decelerating on grass footing. There are many weather and natural situations that impact the condition of the grass. The staff at HIPICO will do everything we can to ensure the best possible conditions, but be aware that there are many factors outside of our control. With proper preparation, knowledge and equipment, riders can enjoy our grass footing safely. Reservations/Payment:
  1. All reservations will be invoiced in advance. A credit card is required to hold the reservations.
  2. Online contactless payment is encouraged and full payment must be made prior to the start of arena rental period. Horses will not be permitted inside the arena without full payment.
  3. Cancellations/change requests must be received in writing at no less than 24 hours prior to arena rental start time. Full or partial cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time will be charged the invoiced fee(s).
General Information & Conditions of Participation:
  1. Each horse must submit a negative Coggins Test (EIA certificate) dated within one year. The negative EIA certificate can be emailed to
  2. Each participant must submit a signed Participant waiver. Signed waivers can be emailed to
  3. Reserved arena course will be set at the starting height requested in advance by the participant. If no height is requested in advance, jump height will remain at the last height used.
  4. Participants may adjust jump heights during their arena session. Jump standards may not be moved.
COVID-19 Safe Practice Requirements: 1.   All individuals and/or training groups attending schooling sessions are required to self-monitor their temperatures prior to entering HIPICO Santa Fe. Anyone testing above 99.5°F must refrain from entering the facility grounds. 2.   As of 7/13/20, the state of New Mexico requires that face masks must be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking. Individuals refusing to wear a mask when required, and the other members of their training group, may be asked to leave the premises. No refunds for partially used sessions will be given. 3.   HIPICO Santa Fe will adjust safe practices protocol as necessary based on changes to the existing public health order. 4.   Each arena/warm up will be supplied with medical-grade disinfectant and gloves for use by training participants. Participants are asked to use safe, 6-foot social distancing practices when resetting jumps, 1 individual at each standard only. 5.   There will be a 30 minute break between training sessions to allow for disinfection of jump equipment by HIPICO staff. All restrooms will be disinfected between training sessions and at regular intervals throughout the day. 6.   Participants are asked to use contactless payment prior to arrival. Outstanding payments may be made upon arrival prior to training session start time by calling the office at 505-474-0999. 7. Public Health and Executive Orders in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New Mexico can be found at: All individuals interested in participating in HIPICO Training Sessions are expected to familiarize themselves with the current orders prior to reserving arena sessions. No refunds will be given for cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled arena training session start time.
All-weather footing Arena $60/60 minutes base fee $30/each additional 30 min.
Facility Fee $20 per horse/day  
Stall Fee (Note: horses purchasing a stall will not be charged a trailer-in fee) $45 first night, includes 2 bags shavings $25/additional night(s)
Paddock Fee $10/paddock/day 1 horse/paddock at any time
Additional Wood Shavings $11/bag